Abandoned ski jump from above!

Flying over a derelict old abandoned ski jump taking pictures.

Ski jumping has a long history in Norway. We used to have ski jumps (‘hoppbakker’) everywhere and it seemed like that was the only activity kids and youths did. But after a few winters during the 80ties with less snow and that people started converting to other sports, many ski jumps are now abandoned and unused.

I took my DJI Mavic Pro drone for a quick photo flight above an abandoned ski jump. It is called Holmenbakken at Holmen in Asker, Norway. Not to be confused with the famous ski jump in Oslo called Holmenkollen (Holmenkollbakken), which is still in operation. There are a couple of ski-jumps next to each other in this area, but I only took pictures of the largest one. I had to walk through lots of snow to get there. I didn’t dare walk up the derelict old tower structure. It looked too dangerous. The biggest ski jump was scaffolded in 1954 and athletes could jump over 60m here. It was very popular for both training and competitions but has not been used in recent years. Now it is a forgotten piece of Norwegian sports history.

Check out these old pictures if you want from old Norwegian ski jumps in their glory days.

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I have uploaded a few pictures below so you can take a look. I appreciate comments on the pictures or the post.

Here is a link to a 360 drone panorama from the ski jump uploaded on my SkyPixel profile. I have not yet managed to embed this type of panorama to my website. Any ideas anyone?

Holmenbakken shot with drone.

Holmenbakken shot with a drone.

Half a meter snow covering the ski jump.

Half a meter snow covering the ski jump.

Ready, set, go....

Ready, set, go….

Straight above bird's eye view of the abandoned ski jump.

Straight above bird’s eye view of the abandoned ski jump.

Would you dare jumping with skis here?

Would you dare to jump with skis here?





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