First Flight, first post!

I bought my first camera drone – took it for a flight.

It was time to get myself a decent camera drone. I have always enjoyed shooting the kind of photographs that are not straightforward easy. So I sold some of my unused camera gear to fund this new flying camera gear.

A few friends told me it was about time that I got a drone.

At first, I didn’t know which drone to buy so I did a lot of research. I knew the large Phantom drones, but I needed something a bit more compact and easy to carry around.

I read a lot about the GoPro Karma since I already had a GoPro Hero 4. The Karma Grip was also tempting. But I become a skeptic when I read about their problems with the drone falling down. I guess they have fixed it now. The drone was also a little bit too big. It needed its own backpack. Smaller than the large DJI drones of course, but I was still not convinced.


Then I come across another new DJI drone – the Mavic Pro and was instantly convinced. It was compact, but still large when the arms were folded out, it could film in 4K with a stabilized gimbal, a long flight range and so much more.

I looked at the Spark too but decided it was too small for my use.

Read about my current gear and where to buy the drone on my Gear page. I will write more articles about my favorite drone in a while.

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Mavic Pro First Flight

What do you do when you get hold of a cool flying drone like this? You go outside and try it, of course! I took it to a local soccer field and a few fields. It was remarkably easy to fly.

Check out these images. Some of them could be more interesting, but it was my first attempt at drone photographing. What do you think?

See you again in my next post – when I took the drone for a practice trip over Kalvøya outside Sandvika.

View over Blommenholm towards Engervannet, Sandvika and the Oslofjord.

View over Blommenholm towards Engervannet, Sandvika and the Oslofjord, 120 m up.



A river dividing two fields. Do you see the weird smile?

A river dividing two fields. Do you see the weird smile

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The local soccer field.

The local soccer field.

That's right, I'm down there.

That’s right, I’m down there.

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