The hidden lake without fish, but with an old wooden pier and bonus fast walker UFO!

Another trip to the fantastic local woods! I found a small hidden lake in the local forest.

The local forest never stops to reveal its secrets. This time I took my bike with my DJI Mavic Pro in the backpack and headed out to a small pond or lake I had seen on Google maps. When I arrived I sat down on a fallen tree and unpacked the drone, removed the safety glass in front of the camera and put my smartphone in the remote controller. Then I hand-launched the drone since it was too much vegetation to fly from the ground.

On one of my previous forest trips, I took several other cool pictures of trees from above, so be sure to check out that one too. It is named 11 Mesmerizing drone pictures of trees from above!

Also, be sure to check out my mysterious video from above the lake of the fast walker, or fast mover, UFO phenomenon at the bottom of this article.

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The small lake is called Fiskelaustjernet. In English, it can be translated to “the pond without fish” as there are few ways to renew the water in the pond and therefore not much life. I noticed a small white box at the end of the small lake and took the drone closer to it. It was an old wooden pier – a cool detail in a landscape with only water and trees. Hope you like the pictures. Write a comment below if you want. Do you like drone pictures of trees from above?

The old wooden pier.

The old wooden pier.

Another classic tree top drone shot.

Another classic tree top drone shot.

Fiskelaustjernet by drone.

Fiskelaustjernet by drone.

The wooden pier up close.

The wooden pier up close.

Detail with the pond and the forest.

Detail with the pond and the forest.

I flew a bit further south over the treetops and ended up near a local quarry. Maybe a mission for another time?

I flew a bit further south over the treetops and ended up near a local quarry, Franzefoss. Maybe a mission for another time?

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Filmed a fast-walker UFO over the lake

This is a little bit outside the main topic of this post, which is drone photography of a small lake, but I found this quite interesting. In addition to taking photographs, I sometimes film a little as well. I rarely edit the clips together, but those I have made is on my YouTube channel or on this page.

Anyway …

In Secureteam10’s latest video he mentions the increasing phenomenon of so-called fast walker UFO’s caught on tape by drone pilots. He specifically mentioned a Norwegian video from Trollstigen with one of these fast-moving lines no one can explain. This lines of light have been caught several times in space by ISS and NASA at incredible speeds.

I remembered I had seen one of these lines in one of my own drone clips you can see below. After 6-7 seconds a white line moves from the top of the screen and down. Best viewed on a laptop or bigger screen… not a small smartphone screen. What do you think this is? An extraterrestrial UFO? Or simply a bird or a bug? I for sure don’t know…

Here is a picture of the fast mover UFO as well, grabbed from the video at the exact moment:

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