Photography is my hobby. Drone is my tool for shots taken at high altitude. This is my blog.

Hi, and welcome to the website and drone blog! I also post drone pictures on the Instagram account @airbuzzone.

I’m a 38-year-old hobby photographer from Norway. I have always been interested in photography and I still remember when I got my first single-lens reflex camera with film when I was little. I got it from my father, inherited by my grandfather.

I later converted to digital cameras as almost everyone else, and the last DSLR cameras I bought was a Canon 5D M2 and a Canon 70D.

For the last decade, my interest in abandoned places and urban exploration (urbex) has been overwhelming. I have visited hundreds of old forgotten places in many countries and photographed them. The beauty of old and decayed places fascinates me and I understood that my people always got an emotional reaction to my pictures. I made a book, got on television and made a lot of new friends with the same interest.

Check out my other blog about trips to these places and my Flickr photostream with over a thousand pictures.

Then I got fascinated by the possibilities of drone photography! So, I bought a DJI Mavic Pro! Check out the rest of my gear and drones here.

All the pictures, unless stated otherwise, on this page are taken by me and my drone. Hope you like them! Here are some free wallpaper photos of the Mavic Pro.

My DJI Mavic Pro camera drone

My DJI Mavic Pro camera drone

The site

AirBuzz.One is a website dedicated to my drone photography hobby. I have as mentioned used traditional cameras for many years, but now I find it fascinating what a drone can do. The angles and unusual pictures not possible to achieve just years ago amaze me.

In particular, I enjoy looking for lines, symmetry and weird patterns and take photos straight down.

What about the name of the blog…? I struggled a while to find a name for this site. Since drones are so popular these days it seems that all domain names with “drone” in it were already taken… And I wanted something a bit uncommon.

So, I came up with AirBuzz.One. Here is why:

Air is the medium my camera moves in. Buzz is the sounds it makes, and there is a lot of buzz and fuzz about drones these days. I (now) only have One decent drone. The name also touches other meanings like Airbus (flight, air, plane related) and Air Force One as well…

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