28 Cool DJI Mavic 2 Accessories and Gadgets for Zoom and Pro! (2019)

This is the ultimate list of cool accessories, enhancements, and gadgets you need for your DJI Mavic 2 drone – Zoom and Pro!

I have previously written a very popular post with extra stuff you can buy for the DJI Mavic Pro drone to make it look cooler, get better range, bigger storage, upgrade the features and more. Since the second version of the drone came out in August 2018, I think it is a good idea to make a similar list with cool gadgets and accessories for the new drone! Agree?

To be clear, and if you are unaware of it, the second generation Mavic Pro comes in two different versions. It is the DJI Mavic 2 Pro and the DJI Mavic 2 Zoom. Read more about the drones and their differences here if you are interested, but the main difference is the camera attached to it. Since you are reading this article, I suppose you know this quite well since you are looking to buy more stuff for your beloved camera drone.

As in the previous list, I have included products that you need as well as the equipment you probably don’t need. I have skipped completely useless gadgets that will annoy you and damage the drone.

These products are also a perfect starting point for researching gift ideas for a Mavic Pro/Zoom 2 owner. We are many so you probably know someone!

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I hope you enjoy scrolling through my list of handpicked DJI Mavic 2 Accessories and Gadgets for Zoom and Pro. Leave a comment below if you have other tips for cool products or have bad experiences with one in the list. I want to hear about it.

Fly with care! Airbuzz.one is not responsible for crashes or accidents that you may encounter using some of these gadgets. Read reviews in the online stores before you buy anything.

Now … let us start:

1. DJI Smart Controller

DJI Smart Controller

DJI Smart Controller

The DJI Smart Controller was revealed to the market earlier this year. I wrote about it in this article as well, and it received a ton of appraisals and good reviews.

The controller has a built-in 5.5-inch ultra-bright touch-screen with 1080p resolution that shows you the live video stream from the drone’s camera. It makes the use of an attached smartphone redundant. 

The only problem with this awesome gadget is the price, which is a bit steep, and that it only works with newer drones with the OcuSync 2.0 protocol and not the previous Mavics for instance.

Check out more reviews and recent price on Amazon (link in the text further up) or technical specifications in the DJI Store. Your choice.

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2. ND Filters Sets

ND Filters Sets

ND Filters Sets

Here are some neat ND filters for the Mavic 2 Pro 4k gimbal camera. There are many manufacturers of ND filters for these drones, but these filters made by Fstop labs is a good choice. DJI themselves have their own versions, so check them out as well.

The package includes 6 filters which are ND4, ND4/CPL, ND8, ND8/CPL, ND16, ND16/CPL ND = Neutral Density, CPL = Polarizer. They are easy to install and remove and can stay on all the time.

If you have the 2 Zoom, check out this ND filter pack.

3. Camera Cleaning Pen Brush 

Camera Cleaning Pen Brush 

Camera Cleaning Pen Brush

A lens cleaning pen is a neat tool to have in your camera/drone bag. They are specially made for lenses of all kinds and can be used on digital camera lenses, bodies, screens, projectors and drone cameras. One end of the pen houses the brush for dust removal and the other end have the chalk head for cleaning.

It is a cheap gadget that always comes handy and I use mine all the time. It is the perfect budget gift idea for all photographers and drone pilots.

4. More Mavic 2 Intelligent Flight Batteries

Mavic 2 Intelligent Flight Battery

Mavic 2 Intelligent Flight Battery

Depending on which bundle you got when purchasing your multicopter, you’ll have a certain amount of batteries. It is usually one or three. If you only have one of the intelligent flight batteries you will almost certainly want more of them to extend your flight time.

If you are traveling a lot with limited charging options and need a constant feed of power to your drone, you will need more than the three batteries that came with the Fly More Combo as well.

Be sure to buy proper batteries and preferably original products from DJI.

Check out the real stuff on Amazon or buy directly from the real DJI Store.

5. Car Charger for road trips

Mavic 2 Car Charger

Mavic 2 Car Charger

Charging on the road is something I do all the time. Even if I have a decent amount of batteries (as you read about above in number 4), there are always times I need to cover some distance to get to the next photo location. These in-between time periods are perfect for charging.

Go for the original charger provided by DJI which ensure safe and reliable charge while driving.

It takes about 1.5 hours to charge one battery this way, depending on temperature, but it is worth it when you need that extra flight time.

Check out the practical charging hub for 4 batteries in place 15.

6. Propeller Guards

Propeller Guards

Propeller Guards

Although the Mavic 2 drone has many sensors to avoid crashing into obstacles, there are certain scenarios where propeller guards are a good idea.

If you are a newbie or is lending your quad away to a beginner, these guards are a cheap investment to keep your drone safe. 

It can also fully protect the blades when flying indoors in tight spaces. The guards from PGYTECH are made of high-quality ABS plastic and are easy to install. The lightweight will not affect the flying, but in cases when you are flying fast outdoors, you will probably not leave them on.

7. Propeller Holder and Remote Control Stick Protector 

Propeller Holder and Remote Control Stick Protector 

Propeller Holder and Remote Control Stick Protector

Here is a bundle with a stick protector for the remote controller and two pieces of protectors for the propeller tips. I have previously written about my love for the PGYTECH joystick protector and why I think this product works so much better than other items I have tried. 

So, in this package, you also get the propeller holders that keep the delicate prop tips protected when stored or packed for travel. 

They are made of ABS plastic material and silicone and feels nice and soft. Also, consider a bag like the one in number 16 down on this list. Also a great gift idea I think.

Check out the popular product on Amazon with five out of five stars user rating.

8. Remote Control Extension Sticks

Remote Control Extension Sticks

Remote Control Extension Sticks (shown on a Mavic Air controller)

These extension sticks for the remote control by PolarPro lets you customize the length from 0,75 inches to 1.25 inches. They are made of machined aircraft aluminum and looks great too.

The increased stick height makes it easier to precisely control the joystick movements and the quad. The sticks texture and design ensure an enhanced grip.

Perhaps a great gift idea? Remember that they are not compatible with the DJI Smart Controller (the one in place 1 in this list).

9. Landing Pad

Landing Pad

Landing Pad

A landing pad is not really necessary in all situations but can come in handy if you, for instance, need to land on the sand on the beach. Anyway, it is a pretty cool accessory to have for target practice and accurate landings. The pad can, of course, be used for a wide range of other drones like DJI Spark, Air, Phantom and Inspire.

By the way… If you are looking for a cool drone for kids, check out my article with lots of good suggestions on that matter. Perhaps one of these crafts could need a landing pad?

The waterproof landing pads are made of 100% nylon and come in two different sizes, 32″ and 12″. They come with a practical storage and handling bag for easy transportation.

10. Mavic 2 Protector Case

DJI Mavic 2 Protector Case

DJI Mavic 2 Protector Case

Here is a suggestion for a sturdy and cool case for the Pro and Zoom for protection and excellent storage. It measures 359 × 308 × 175 mm and weighs 1850 g.

It can house a whole Fly More Combo and more. To be more exact that means the aircraft itself, the remote controller, three spare batteries, power adapter, car charger, battery charging hub, power cable, battery to power bank adapter, ND Filters Set, and a pair of spare propellers.

The case is IP67 Rated which means it protects the gear from dust and a 1-meter drop as well as keeping your beloved drone dry.

Check out the case in the official DJI Store or on Amazon (click image for direct link).

11. Lume Cube Drone Light

Lume Cube Drone Light

Lume Cube Drone Light

Lume Cube Drone Light is a popular and professional lighting system for DJI drones for creative or commercial purposes.

It allows constant illumination with up to 1500 lumens (one lamp) from above as well as a variety of strobe lights. The creative sky it limitless when it comes to usability. Hover above your scene for cinematic effects and light paint the scenery for amazing shots.

The square lamp can be paired via Bluetooth, adjustable between 0-1500 lumens, is waterproof, rechargeable and have a 1/4″ 20 thread for mounting on a tripod if that is necessary.

Be sure to choose the correct version for your quad when purchasing.


12. Landing Gear LED Kit

Landing Gear LED Kit

Landing Gear LED Kit

Here is another lighting system for your aircraft that are much cheaper than the one above. The package from PGYTECH contains extended landing gears, back, and front, with a mount for the LED lights.

The LED lights have 4 modes suitable for different scenarios. These are strong light, medium light, low light, and flash. The lamps are not rechargeable but powered with AAA batteries.

This lamp kit is a great way to test out drone lights without getting ruined.

13. Extra memory cards

Extra memory cards

Extra memory cards

A few extra memory cards are something you always need. I always recommend having a few spare cards if your storage gets full when shooting high-quality footage. Remember to buy cards that are fast enough.

With the Sandisk 64 GB Extreme Pro 4K Memory Card, you will be covered.

14. DJI FPV Goggles

DJI FPV Goggles

DJI FPV Goggles

If you want an even cooler and more immersive drone experience you should consider buying the awesome goggles from DJI.

They contain a pair of screens with 1920×1080 HD resolution and head tracking mode that lets you look at the world from high above. I can promise you really cool FPV (First person view) action.

It has an ergonomic design and battery life of 6 hours.

Read more about the DJI Goggle’s technical specifications and other user reviews on Amazon.

15. Battery Charging Hub

Battery Charging Hub

Battery Charging Hub

This official charging hub lets you charge four batteries at the same time.

The foldable design is quite amazing and makes the charger small like a power bank when not in use. Perfect to stow away in your camera bag or pouch.

It works, of course, with the car charger in place 5 as well. The quadcopter power adapter charger is compatible with Mavic 2 Pro and Mavic 2 Zoom drones.

16. Awesome Stylish Skins

Drone decals and skins

Drone decals and skins

Decalgirl.com sells some incredible skins for drones. It is the perfect way to make your quadcopter stand out and even become more visible if that is needed. I just ordered a new skin for my Mavic – read my review here.

The skins are lightweight, easy bubble-free installation, and the removal is also a piece of cake without any goo. Remember to doublecheck if you get more than one battery skin or else it is clever to buy more. Usually, it comes with decals for 3 batteries.

Decalgirl is also on Amazon, so check out the prices, delivery times and reviews there.

Below is an instruction video on how to install the skin on a DJI Mavic 2.

17. Aircraft sleeve

Aircraft sleeve

Aircraft sleeve

I love this cheap and durable sleeve for protecting the multicopter. I use it when I need to stow away my Mavic in a camera bag with lots of other gear, for instance. The inside is made of smooth and soft material and the outside is wear- and water-resistant.

Click the image for more info and price. Great inexpensive gift idea for someone with a Mavic drone.

18. Ipad Tablet Mount Holder for DJI Remote Controllers

 Ipad Tablet Mount Holder for DJI Remote Controllers

Ipad Tablet Mount Holder for DJI Remote Controllers

If you want to fly with a 4-12 inch Ipad instead of an iPhone, a tablet mount holder like this will do the job of holding the tablet in place.

It is foldable, tiltable, made of aluminum alloy, and weighs 227 g. It fits all the DJI remote controls (except the smart controller).

19. Mavic 2 Battery to Power Bank Adaptor

 Mavic 2 Battery to Power Bank Adaptor

Mavic 2 Battery to Power Bank Adaptor

It doesn’t matter how many batteries you have for your quad if your smartphone runs out of batteries. If you don’t have the Smart Controller you need the phone to fly and control the drone.

This small adapter piece lets you charge the smartphone with the power of a drone battery. Pretty smart and great in emergency situations.

The Power Bank Adapter has two USB Type-A ports with 10 W dual output, allowing you to fully charge a smartphone using only 20% of a battery.

20. Warm Drone Gloves

Warm Drone Gloves

Warm Drone Gloves

When flying at wintertime and in cold conditions it can be really comfortable for the flying experience to wear warm gloves.

These windproof multifunctional gloves are designed to accommodate many types of outdoor activities like mountaineering, ski riding, cold weather fishing, photography and RC flying.

Perfect for use in around 0 ℃ / 30 ℉ temperatures!

21. Range Extender gizmo for the DJI remote controller

Range Extender gizmo

Range Extender gizmo

To boost the directional range signal a little bit you can try these cheap pieces of curved plastic covered with a parabolic copper reflector inside. The two small pieces are easy to carry around and are simply placed on top of the antennas on the remote.

They don’t cost much and is worth a try, but don’t expect too much. Just remember to point the reflectors towards the aircraft for best effect. Bad range is often caused by trees, hills and other obstacles that will kill the signal no matter what.

It fits the remote for all DJI drones like Mavic, 2 Pro/Zoom, Air, and Spark. Click the image to read more reviews and pricing information.

22. Lens Hood

Lens Hood

Lens Hood

This lens hood from PGYTECH helps when taking photographs on a sunny day if the light comes in from the sides. The hood can shield of the sunshine (sidelight) and prevent glare and other artifacts in the shots. It also protects the gimbal and camera when taking of or during landing. 

The lens hood is made of durable ABS plastic. 

23. Remote Controller Monitor Hood

Remote Controller Monitor Hood

Remote Controller Monitor Hood

Here is another gizmo that can help you with the bright light on a sunny day. The official DJI monitor hood simply shades the smartphone screen and the remote controller LCD screen so you can see what’s happening more clearly.

The smartphone screen is not as bright as the Smart Controller screen at the top of this list, that is why you need a product like this.

24. Extra propellers

Mavic 2 Low-Noise Propellers

Mavic 2 Low-Noise Propellers

Extra propellers might not count as an accessory, extra equipment or gadget, but it is a product you probably will buy many of. I have destroyed many blades and bought many of them too.

I put it in this list so people looking for gift ideas can see if propellers are something they can buy as a present.

The picture shows the standard low noise propeller with classic quick release design for a quieter and longer flight.

25. Smatree Drone and GoPro Backpack

Smatree Drone and GoPro Backpack

Smatree Drone and GoPro Backpack

The Smatree backpack is a multifunctional rucksack that can store a combination of your Mavic 2 drone, 4 batteries, chargers, remote, SD card, your GoPro equipment and more. It has a large capacity, is comfortable to wear and keeps your gear well protected.  

It has also a designated space for a tablet or 13″ laptop. I love backpacks that have room for a laptop for backups and quick field work.

It weighs 1.88 kg and the dimensions are 40 x 30 x 18 cm.

26. Gift box Accessories Combo

Gift box Accessories Combo

Gift box Accessories Combo

Here is a neat gift box idea with many of the product lists above for Mavic 2 users. It has the lens hood, remote controller stick protector, blade protectors, landing pad and a mini carrying case.

Check the availability in the DJI Store.

27. Water Landing Kit and Soft Landing Gear

Water Landing Kit and Soft Landing Gear

Water Landing Kit and Soft Landing Gear

This is an interesting addon to the multi-copter with a little bit of controversy. The floating devices, or water landing legs, for M2 is a great idea but should be used with caution and care. Landing on water is not optimal and should be avoided, but if you want that extra protection these buoyancies can work.

They can also be used to protect your precious drone when landing on harsh rocks, in tall grass or other hazardous surfaces.

Be sure to read user reviews on Amazon (link on the picture) before you buy.


28. Silicone Motor Cover Caps

Silicone Motor Cover Caps

Silicone Motor Cover Caps

Why don’t you treat yourself with a very, very cheap package of four protective motor cover caps? This will hinder dust and moisture to attack the motors and even have an anti-collision performance. They can easily be attached to the craft with the props still on.



That’s is for the ultimate gizmo list. Check out my list with gadgets for the first version of this neat flying machine as well. Some of the products work for this version too. Share, comment, like and be sure to visit another time. Take care.


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