7 Neat DJI Smart Controller Accessories and gadgets! (2019)

If you are the lucky owner of the DJI Smart Controller, here are some suggestions for add-ons, gadgets, and extra accessories for it!

The DJI Smart Controller is an awesome gadget for the Mavic 2 drones in itself. When it was launched I thought it was a fantastic product that solved many of the previous issues with the controller situation. I loved that I could skip the smartphone connected to the remote which often led to limited battery time on the phone itself. That fact that the Smart Controller crystal sky screen is much brighter than the smartphone screen was also a huge plus.

Learn more about the smart remote control with the integrated screen in DJI’s own article DJI Smart Controller Review: Who is it for?

I was a little bit concerned about the price of the DJI Smart Controller which is a bit steep, but well worth it if you can afford it and is serious about your drone flying and photography. That led me to investigate what kind of products I could buy to protect the device for a longer life span. Therefore I have collected a list of the best DJI Smart Controller Accessories and gadgets you can buy in this list.

If you have other ideas, please write it down in the comment section! If you find this article as useful as I do, share it with friends and family. Perhaps it can give them some ideas for gifts to give you if you point them in the right direction.

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In a few of the product categories below, I have shown several recommendations for different products that can give you an idea of what’s out there. Also, remember to read the user reviews on Amazon before you buy and check if there are newer versions of the add-ons I suggest for the DJI Smart Controller. New products come to the marked all the time…

1. Antenna Range Extender

Antenna Range Extender

Antenna Range Extender

If you want to fly further away and get that extra range between the remote and your drone, you could attach one of these Duo 2.4G & 5.8G signal boosters from Alientech to your Smart Controller. According to the manufacturer and testing, you will feel a significant improvement in maneuverability and the quad can fly at least two times the distance of the original craft. It might be a little bit tricky to install involving some disassembling work on the controller, but it is worth it.

It also fit the ordinary DJI controllers working in 2.4 and 5.8 G bands. That means it can be used for Phantom, Inspire, Spark and Mavic Pro 1. 

Check out user reviews and price of the antenna mod on Amazon by clicking the picture.

2. Protective Cases

You should always store the unit in a safe way. There are several protective cases in different sizes and prices available. I have chosen three good options for you to check out.

Casematix rugged case for DJI Smart Controller

Casematix rugged case for DJI Smart Controller

1. The first one is a rugged, dustproof, waterproof and airtight case from Casematix that protects the controller well. It is good for traveling and if you are going on a rough road trip and expect your gear to be placed among others have suitcases for instance in the back of a car. The inside har padded foam and a couple of heavy duty latches make sure that the case held shut and secure at all times for outdoor transportation.

The drawback with this one is that it is little room for anything else.


Shoulder case that fit most of your DJI gear

Shoulder case that fits most of your DJI gear

2. The second case is much larger and can house one DJI Mavic 2 drone, two batteries, the Smart Controller, a charger and additional spare parts. The shoulder backpack is lightweight and perfect for transporting most of your drone gear in one place.

It is not as rugged as the one above and is not airtight, but in most situations this one is ok.


Portable and lightweight carrying case

Portable and lightweight carrying case

3. The case above also comes in a smaller and more portable variant from the same vendor that house only the Smart Screen and a charger. It can handle a decent amount of water splashes, is dust- and shockproof.

So now it is up to you chose… Which one did you go for?

3. Remote Control Strap

Remote control strap

Remote control strap

A nice lanyard neck strap is recommended when using the DJI Smart Controller. It prevents your precious remote from dropping to the ground, relives the fatigue of your hands when flying, and acts as a convenient way to carry it around your neck or shoulder when moving around on location.

It is a cheap product to buy and is a good gift idea if you are looking for something a little bit less expensive than the other DJI Smart Controller gadgets. The package containing one high-quality lanyard with adjustable length that is comfortable to wear over a longer period of time.


4. Glass Screen Protectors

Glass Screen Protectors

Glass Screen Protectors

Protecting the glass of the expensive controller is a must. It’s like a smartphone, and much cheaper to add this protective screen protector as soon as you can, rather than get the display destroyed. It has saved me many times! I suggest buying a two-pack of anti-scratch and anti-glare screen protectors specially designed for the DJI Smart Controller. They are easy to apply in just minutes.

It is made of a 0.2 mm thick (or thin), hard tempered glass, that will not disturb you in your daily flying with the same touch sensitivity. It will just save you a lot of bucks if you unintentionally drop the controller on a rocky surface or bumps into stuff… 

5. Joystick Knobs

As you know the joysticks can be removed from the controller. Joystick replacement knobs with colors are a fun way to individualize your smart controller and alter the feeling of control if you are not satisfied with the standard knobs. There are a few different versions out there and I have chosen two.  They are very cheap and can be a cool gift idea for a DJI drone pilot.

Colorful replacement knobs

Colorful replacement knobs

The first one is made of aluminum alloy and is 42 by 22 mm in size with anti-skid design on the tips. They are a bit similar to the originals and is a great replacement if you have lost your sticks.

They come in three colors which are gold, red and silver.


Rocker knobs with ergonomic design

Rocker knobs with ergonomic design

The second suggestion has a slightly different design with a wider top and ergonomic design. They come in black and red and is very lightweight made of aviation aluminum alloy.

Which one of the rocker joysticks do you think will get the best flying experience?


6. Sunshades

Sunshade monitor hood

Sunshade monitor hood

The screen itself is very bright compared to the usual smartphone, but many prefer to use a monitor hood on sunny days. Here is a suggestion from PGYTECH.

It helps with unwanted reflections so you have full control. It has a matte PU lining surface and feels like quality.

The installation process is quick and simple with screws that fasten the hood to the controller. During transport and storage, you detach it and it folds to a flat surface.


7. Protection covers

Here are two recommended protection covers for the Smart Controller.

Soft rubber protector

Soft rubber protector

This cover is only for transport and has to be removed each time you need to use the remote. It is made of soft rubber and is easy to mount and remove. It is especially good for the joysticks if you are not keen to unscrew them each time.

I have previously written about the benefits of protecting the sticks.


Silicon cover case

Silicon cover case

The red silicone protective cover case is made to always stay on and increase the lifetime of the remote. Avoid scratching the surfaces and may help during drops. Remember to add a glass screen protector like the one in place 4 too.


That sums up the list of cool gadgets, gifts, and accessories for the DJI Smart Controller. If you have any other suggestions please leave a comment below!

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