45 Awesome Drone Photos of Abandoned Places!

Decay look so cool from above. Here are some awesome drone photos of abandoned places.

My second photography hobby is about abandoned places or urbex. I have another blog called Left To Decay.com and also a ton of Flickr pictures. Check it out and follow me there if you want.

So I love abandoned places and buildings!

When I first started exploring this derelict buildings and areas from the past, no one used drones. Lately, more and more pictures appear from aerial views of abandoned, ruined and collapsed building. It is another view that is fascinating and fun to watch. Roof beams look like ribs of a skeleton, empty areas around looks like apocalyptic wastelands.

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Flickr is a great source of awesome drone photos of abandoned places. I had a scroll through some of my favorite photographer’s photostreams and picked (where allowed by Flickr) 45 photos to share with you. Please follow these great photographers too, if you have a Flickr account. 🙂

The drone photo above, at the top of this page, is taken by photographer Andy Milford who has username milfodd on Flickr. Used by permission and also shown in the list below. I love how the seemingly collapsed remains of the wooden boat lie silently on top of a similar decayed dock, barge or another vessel. Many beautiful details and it makes me wonder about the history.

As one photographer wrote:

The nice thing about abandoned buildings is there isn’t any other signals to interfere with the drone.

Enjoy and share! What kind of drone pictures do you like yourself? Comment below.

1. Hudson River State Hospital Hudson River State Hospital

2. Gidlow Mill Gidlow Mill by Drone
3. Abandoned Nike Missile Base Site W-64
Abandoned Nike Missile Base Site W-64
4. Petrova Gora Monument in Croatia 001
5. Abandoned House
Abandoned House
6. The city of Pripyat in the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone from above
7. The Abandoned village of Glentornan
"The Abandoned Village of Glentornan"
8. King Parks Psychiatric Center
Kingspark 2
9. Chernobyl Port
Chernobyl Port
10. Silo with vegetation
11. Halcyon Hall, Bennett College
Halycyon Hall
12. Nara Dreamland
Nara Dreamland
13. Mercer House
Mercer House
14. Pripyat Bumper Cars
Pripyat - Bumper Cars
15. Industrial Decay
#35 Gutted
16. Abandoned Greenhouse
Abandoned greenhouse
17. Abandoned Cars
Abandoned cars in Ushuaia
18. Abandoned Ship in Aspen Colorado
DJI_0020 (5)
19. Camelot Abandoned Theme Park
Camelot Abandoned Theme Park
20. Chateau Noisy / Miranda, Belgium
abandoned Chateu Marinda in Belgium
21. Abandoned children’s home- Coneywarren, OmaghIMG_8798-E

22. Hudson River State Hospital
Hudson River State Hospital
23. Charlsen Nelson House
Charles Nelson House
24. Nara Dreamland
Nara Dreamland
25. “The Riddle of Altan Tower”
"The Riddle of Altan Tower"
26. Abandoned Chatanika, Alaska gold dredge
Early winter at the Chatanika dredge
27. Netley Abbey Ruins
Overhead shot of the lovely Netley Abbey ruins.
28. Abandoned Amusement Park Berlin – (I’ve been here too)

29. Grafton State Hospital
Grafton State Hospital
30. Abandoned WA Medical Center
Abandoned VA Medical Center Drone Image (3)
31. Abandoned pool
Flying_Downtonw (36 of 37)
32. Wyndcliffe Mansion
Wyndcliffe Mansion
33. Industrial Abandonment
34. House of the Rising
House Of The Rising
35. Abandoned Nuclear Facility
Doomsday looking abandoned nuclear facility. Satsup WA #inspire1 #drone. See more at www.dronefrontier.com #quadcopter #DJIcreator #dronesaregood #DJIinspire1 #aerialphotography #landscape #explorewashington #pacificnorthwest #HDR #PNW
36. Nekomahenge
37. Abandoned ski jump, Holmen, Norway
just jump
38. Abandoned Gartloch Insane Asylum Gartcosh
39. Lodge Hill Barn
Lodge Hill barn
40. Abandoned Boat
Abandoned boat. #SpaceCityDrones Captured by @artbyart_la . . . #drone#drones#dronegear#droneoftheday#dronestagram#droneporn #dronefly#dronelife#dronebois #dronesetc #dronesdaily#dronevideos#droneglobe#dronesaregood #djiglobal#fpv#dronephotography#fromwhe
41. The Forgotten Fleet
The Forgotten Fleet
42. Abandoned Building in Vegetation
43. Abandoned with no Roof
#Found this #old #abandoned building while driving through #helper #utah . Just had put the #drone up for this one. View the whole story at bit.ly\explorediscovershare #explorediscovershare #ruralex #ruralexploration #dji #phantom3 #phantom #flight #fly #
44. Abandoned Church, Moscow
Заброшенная церковь
45. Abandoned train yard in Romania
Abandoned train yard in Romania Photo credit ? : @sir_creanga #drone #drones #droneporn #dronestagram #dronegear #dronelife #droneoftheday #dronephotography #dronepics #dji #phantom3 #djiphantom3 #dronesdaily #instadrone #dronesetc #dronepics #dron













Please share these awesome drone pictures!

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