Photographing the waterfall Fallfossen by drone

Aumtun flight over interesting waterfall in Norway

I took my DJI Mavic Pro to a short hike to a waterfall here in Norway called Øvre Fallfossen next to Rondane national park. The interesting thing about this waterfall is how it cuts through a very narrow passage in the rocks. The water flows from the upper level and continues east in a more tranquil pace. The river is called Grimsa and it is great climbing opportunities in the area on steep walls. I remember as a child that we jumped over the cap with no bridge, but as I have growed up I realize that this must have been somewhere else.

I took a short resting break at on the top of the bridge as you can see. You can see the great Rondane mountain range in some of the pictures. The whole area you look into is National Park and not legal to fly drone into. The Øvre Fallfossen is just outside this no-flight area, just as Streitkampen, so it is perfectly legal.

The pictures at the bottom is from my way home to my cabin. It was a beautiful sunset and I just reached the light. The best pictures always appear at sun rise and sun set.

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