40 Spectacular Drone Shots of Wildlife and Animals!

Here is an exclusive collection of awesome Instagram photos of wildlife and animals captured with a drone!

Drone photography has come a long way when it comes to documenting wildlife and animals from above. Never before seen angles of marine life, herds of animals and the wilderness. Researches and national park conservers can now to a certain degree switch out the micro plane or helicopter for the cheaper drone alternative. Here is an article about that.

Instagram is a great resource for cool drone pics taken by both professionals and ordinary people. In this article, I have found 40 spectacular drone shots of wildlife and animals for you to enjoy, many of them shot top down for the unique aerial perspective. Nature is truly amazing from any angle.

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If you have other examples of great animal and wildlife photography done by drone, please leave a comment at the bottom.

The flip side

Lately, stories have emerged in the news that animals become stressed and frightened by drones. I saw a video of a bear cub that climbed a steep mountainside with its mother and got so stressed that it almost fell down. It was terrible to watch and the nearby drone didn’t make the situation better – maybe it was the drone that made them so stressed.

So keep that in mind if you are a drone pilot yourself. The noise of the buzzing sound can scare the animal and the propellers can harm them if they get to close. Here is an article about how the heart rate of wild bears increases due to stress.


Overall animal drone photography is a great tool for research, documentation, and creating beautiful photos of our beautiful world.

If you want to try out drone photography yourself, I recommend starting out with the DJI Mavic 2 Pro which is awesome and have an onboard Hasselblad camera.

Now, here are the great pictures:

1. Lots of flamingos!

Flamingos ll

Et innlegg delt av Sebastian (@sebastianmzh)

2. Salmons circling

Salmon circles. #centralcoastdrones

Et innlegg delt av Reed Plummer Images (@reedplummerimages)

3. Drone shot of Mr. Elephant

4. Blacktip reef sharks hunting

The blacktip reef shark (Carcharhinus melanopterus) is a species of requiem shark, in the family Carcharhinidae, easily identified by the prominent black tips on its fins (especially on the first dorsal fin and its caudal fin). Among the most abundant sharks inhabiting the tropical coral reefs of the Indianand Pacific Oceans, this species prefers shallow, inshore waters. Its exposed first dorsal fin is a common sight in the region. -Wikipedia ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━ Last year’s second most successful post. #throwback ━ Gear: @djiglobal #Maldives #Holiday #Luxwt #LuxuryWorldTraveler #FaafuAtoll #aerial #Travel #aerialphotography #beautifuldestinations #dronegear #dji #drone #BestVacation #sea #turquoise #blue #Lagoon #shark #iamdji #travelawesome #Мальдивы #马尔代夫 #Malediven #Maldive #몰디브 #Мальдив #Maldivas #المالديف

Et innlegg delt av A. Shuau (@obofili)

5. Humpback whale and seagulls

6. Curious lion

Up Close & Personal ?

Et innlegg delt av Bachir Moukarzel (@bachir_photo_phactory)

7. Whale family in Greenland

8. The powerful tail of the whale

9. Fragile polar bear

10. Fantastic shadows on a row of camels

11. Herd of sheep

? How much peace do the Sheep transmit? Photo by @lorenzodcr_ #droneofficial

Et innlegg delt av DRONEOFFICIAL™ (@droneofficial)

12. Gorgeous blue whale

13. Lonely elephant

14. Munk’s devil rays

15. Bathing elephants

16. Sea lions at La Jolla Cove

17. Beautiful Turkish farmlands with sheep

18. Shark hunting in North Avoca

Cutting school. #centralcoastdrones

Et innlegg delt av Reed Plummer Images (@reedplummerimages)

19. Feeding dromedaries in Dubai

What’s for lunch ! #mavic2pro @djiglobal

Et innlegg delt av Bachir Moukarzel (@bachir_photo_phactory)

20. Polar bear crossing over ice sheets

So grateful to receive the Highly Honored mention at the Nature’s Best Photography 2018 Windland Smith Rice Awards. Over 26 000 images submitted from 59 countries. 60 images were selected for the Smithsonian Exhibition in Natural the Museum of History in Washington, opening on October 29, 2018, where you will be able to see the polar bear leaping ice!⠀ I want to congratulate all the winners and participants as such as @daisygilardini,⠀ @Joshua_holko, @jasonhosking, @wim_van_den_heever, for their amazing images that make this Awards program one of the most extraordinary nature photography programs in the world. ⠀ With @naturesbestphotomagazine , the image was done thanks to @DJIglobal, @Skypixel ⠀ #Naturesbestphotography #PolarBear #Arctic #Seaice #Dji #Drone #dronestagram #dronephotography #wildlifephotography #unique #honored #gratitude #Awards #awardwinning

Et innlegg delt av Florian Ledoux (@florian_ledoux_photographer)

21. Breathtaking whale sharks in the Philippines

22. Giraffes in Namibia

23. A sad one, but that’s how nature works – Wild dogs eating a zebra

Wild dogs smashing some zebbo for lunch ?

Et innlegg delt av Naude Heunis (@naudewashere)

24. Elephants in the sunset of South Luangwa National Park

25. Bathing hippos

Hi everyone! This hippo shot was recently nominated for voting by National Geographic and needs your VOTE I would greatly appreciate it ? check my stories for link. Or DM me and I’ll send it to you. Super Thank you in advance! VOTE AT: LINK IN BIO ✅ https://www.nationalgeographic.com/photography/contests/photo-contest-2018/gallery/peoples-choice-all/4/ . . Team @choppershoot @typoland Shot on: Mavic 2 Pro . . @dronepals #dronepals #djiglobal #droneoftheday #fromwhereidrone #dronephotography #dronestagram #drone #dronelife @fromwhereidrone @droneoftheday @droneaddicts @droneheroes @dronemultimedia @droneofficial . . #safari #africa #tanzania #natgeo #iamtraveler . . #earthpix #earthfocus #travelphotography #photooftheday #illgrammers #way2ill #eclectic_shotz #gramslayers #thecreatorclass #visualambassadors #theIMAGED #thecoolhunter #lensbible #artofvisuals #bevisuallyinspired @visualambassadors @illgrammers @theimaged @agameoftones @eclectic_shotz

Et innlegg delt av ZEKEDRONE (@zekedrone)

26. Blue whale mom and calf (and drone)

27. Wild horses on Easter Island

Wild Horses! One of my favorite parts about this island ?

Et innlegg delt av DJI (@djiglobal)

28. Grizzly bears

29. A bearded seal in Provideniya

. Морской заяц или лахтак – один из крупнейших тюленей, живущих в Северном Ледовитом океане. Живут эти тюлени на глубине не более 100 метров. Встречается лахтак у берегов Чукотского, Берингова моря и моря Бофорта. Кроме того ареал обитания распространяется далеко на запад – это Баренцево и Белое море. Лахтак имеет волосяной покров, но он редкий. Шкура у тюленей серо-белого окраса, при этом брюхо светлее спины. На спине и по бокам имеются пятна бледно-желтого цвета. Передняя часть морды и пространство вокруг глаз желтоватого цвета. Усы у морского зайца тонкие и очень длинные. Лахтак живет летом на низких берегах. В октябре рядом с берегами появляются льды, и тюлени перебираются на них. Лахтак выбирает невысокие льдины, поскольку на них гораздо проще забираться. На льду морские зайцы лежат у самого края или недалеко от проталины, это связано с тем, что тюлени – тяжелые и неповоротливые животные, они не умеют быстро передвигаться, поэтому нуждаются в том, чтобы вода всегда находилась рядом. В этом случае тюленю приходится минимум двигаться, отдохнув, он ныряет в воду, а потом снова забирается на край льдины. Лахтак выпрыгивает из воды, делая мощный рывок. Именно поэтому этих тюленей прозвали зайцами, поскольку они высоко прыгают. • #FarEast_Russia • Location: Чукотский автономный округ, бухта Проведения • Photo by: @redgros Спасибо за фото!

Et innlegg delt av Дальний Восток (@fareast_russia)

30. Pelicans flying under drone

31. Waving whale

32. Three lionesses looking up at the drone

33. Birds on the beach

34. Camel in the middle of a roundabout in Dubai

35. Swimming turtle


Et innlegg delt av @saltywings (@micgoetze)

36. Three stingrays

37. Elephants in Samara Private Game Reserve

38. 600 reindeer

39. Beautiful shot with birds

Morning strolls along Roebuck Bay ?

Et innlegg delt av Kyle Bowman (@airloft)

40. A lot of goats

Also, check out this fantastic Instagram account with micro flight photography from South Luangwa National Park. Since these cool pictures were not shot from a drone I couldn’t include them in this article.

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The featured image on top is from Pexels.

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