30 Pictures of theme parks, water slides, and fairs shot with a drone!

Attractions made of steel and wood for your entertainment looks often great from above.

Here are a few cool drone pictures of theme parks, amusement parks, roller coasters, fairgrounds, playground, waterslides, Ferris wheels, and carousels. These are drone pictures taken from a distance or after opening hours, some of them even when a park is closed for the season or for good.

From above the structures build from steel or wood display their symmetry, lines, and curves just like on the creators drawing-board. These angles are rarely seen from below but are often a piece of art in themselves.

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This time I have chosen 30 cool pictures for you from awesome drone photographers. The images are directly embedded from Flickr, so be sure to follow the users if you want to follow their work.

Which kind of places or things do you think my next inspirational drone image post could show? Please comment below. My previous list post was about abandoned and decayed places shot with drone: 45 Awesome Drone Photos of Abandoned Places!

The featured top image is from Pixabay.

Ok, here are the pics:

1. Frozen water slide in the morning

A little too cold (04 18 2018)

2. Old slide in a playground at Milham Park

Last vestiges of Kalamazoo's space program.

3. Slip and slide

Slip and slide. #dji #drone #djimavic #djimavicpro #dronephotography #djiphotography #mavic #mavicpro #myrtlebeach #southcarolina #grandstrand #broadwayatthebeach #barefootlanding #atlanticocean #beach #waterpark

4. Frozen Water Slide

Frozen Water Slide (04 18 2018)

5. Overhead Slides

Overhead Slides

6. Impulse Roller Coaster

Impulse Roller Coaster

7. Santa Monica Pier

Santa Monica Pier ?? Perfect for a Valentine's Day date ❤️?:@dirka | #DRONEMULTIMEDIA ?Use it to be featured! Follow us at: @drone_multimedia Thanks in advance for your likes and comments ? #gopro #

8. Witney feast 2017

Witney feast 2017 at an altitude of 300ft

9. Ozark Wildcat

Ozark Wildcat

10. Centennial Park Oak Lawn

Centennial Park Oak Lawn - Tracks in the snow - 2-20-2018

11. Cool fairground shot


12. Funfair in Brent Cross/London

Fun fair in Brent Cross/London...taking Phantom 3 pro for a walk #funfair #phantom3 #professional #dji #dron #drone #droneporn #aerial #dronefly #london #brentcross #goldersgreen #aerialphotography #awesome #uk #nw #media #production #instaphoto #instablo

13. Beautiful Coaster Curve

Coaster Curve (04 18 2018)

14. The best part about the fair – the lights

Best part about the fair - the lights! After the food of course. ☺️ The lights go out on Sunday! #sharemyfair #westernidahofair #themepark #lights #fair #dji #drone #phantom3 #aerialphotography #picoftheday #instagood #love #night #thisisboise #ida

15. Tilt-shift fairground shot


16. Camelot Abandoned Theme Park

Camelot Abandoned Theme Park

17. Take the plunge

Take the plunge (04 18 2018)

18. Centennial Park Oak Lawn

Centennial Park Oak Lawn - Pool and Splash pad

19. Inifity machine

inifity machine

20. Amusement park from the air

Amusement parks are an interesting thing. They move from town to town entertaining. No one is around in this #drone shot as it's too early. 400 ft up more than 150m away. #flysafe..

21. Twisted and Confused

Twisted and Confused (04 18 2018)

22. Linnanmäki


23. Kingston NY

Kingston NY

24. Play Time

Play Time

25. Attractions

Attractions | Elektrėnai Aerial

26. Straight down shot of a Ferris wheel

2017_0911_Chicago_MAS MEDIA LABS_0060

27. Spreepark

Spreepark aerial photography_abandoned places

28. Oak Lawn Centennial Park

Oak Lawn Centennial Park - pool and splash pad

29. Carousel

Carousel | Kaunas Aerial

30. Carousels in a park

Carousels | Kaunas Aerial

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