40 Examples of VERY Creative Drone Photography!

If you need any cool ideas for drone photography, check out these amazing pictures. Can you copy this?

When I’m out of ideas I always tend to check Instagram and Flickr for very cool drone photography ideas. People are awesome and incredibly talented! Camera drones make it so easy these days to take the creativity to the skies and let us see perspectives and art never seen before. Here is a long list with some of the best, creative drone footage and ideas I have seen.

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These are not necessarily selected out of how beautiful the picture looks, I have other posts for beautiful drone pictures, but purely on the idea itself and how it is executed. The picture might have been taken out of pure luck, but most of the time there are thoughts and a great idea behind.

Do you have other examples of great ideas for drone photography, please leave a comment at the bottom. I always need new ideas!

1. Climb hills on a flat surface

2. Minimalistic simplicity with a walkway in water

3. Lay down with your buddy

4. Use a boat to create waves and interesting shapes

5. Use the lines and shapes on the ground

Et innlegg delt av ZJ (@topb0y)

6. Find a maze and create something amazing

7. Lay down on stuff like icebergs or rocks

8. Shapes of rollercoasters

Et innlegg delt av Max D. ? (@maxsposure)

9. Patterns in architecture and cities

Et innlegg delt av sebastien nagy (@ssnnas)

10. Find a cool sculpture

11. Creativity with the ocean

Et innlegg delt av Toronto (@garycphoto)

12. Use autumn leaves to make a dress

Et innlegg delt av Toronto (@garycphoto)

13. Scrapyards are perfect for chaotic, but perfect pics

Et innlegg delt av Art (@artbyartla)

14. Curved roads are awesome

15. Great sense of height

16. Use people as props

17. Country roads, fields, and trees = winner!

18. Place a bike on lines on the ground

19. Shoot at sunrise or sunset

20. Always try to include a person to tell a story

21. Fly over bridges

Et innlegg delt av Toronto (@garycphoto)

22. Look for symmetrical architecture

23. Incredible park

24. If you got an awesome car, use it

25. Look for cool faces and smileys

26. One of my own smiles. Do you see it?

27. Selfies with the drone (not shot with drone thou)

Et innlegg delt av Kev L Smith (@kevlsmith)

28. Marinas that looks like spines are cool

29. Treetops from above

30. Highways and intersections can be beautiful

31. Shoot abandoned places, urbex, and decay

Et innlegg delt av Borsch (@borsch)

32. Take photos of isolated islands

33. Theme park rides and carousels

34. Don’t forget to fly during winter over the snow

35. Low sunlight is the key to awesome landscape shots

36. Colorful containers are cool

Et innlegg delt av Ty Poland (@typoland)

37. The beach with its sunbeds are always a winner

Et innlegg delt av Jan (@jan.vanmaele)

38. Shoot the walls of old ruins

39. Photograph local landmarks and tourist attractions

Et innlegg delt av Jan (@jan.vanmaele)

40. Visit the local train yard or freight terminal


share on twittershare on facebookDid you get any new idea? Or did I miss something? Comment below. And please share if you find it worth to share. 🙂 Thanks

The featured image on top of the boat on a hill is from Pixabay.


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